cassandra clare

Author of The Shadowhunter Chronicles

Cassandra's reading list is peppered with stories that are frightening, entertaining, and cathartic. Read Cassandra's recommendations.

Felicia Low-Jimenez

Co-writer of Sherlock Sam and publisher at Difference Engine

Felicia's selection highlights how, in the face of shared tragedy, our personal stories continue. Read Felicia’s recommendations.

Kenny Leck

Co-founder of BooksActually and publisher at Math Paper Press

Kenny’s selection will give the reader a notion of a shared "contemporary" history and remind us of the pertinent issues of our time. Read Kenny’s recommendations.

Ng Kah Gay

Publisher at Ethos Books

The mood of Kah Gay's reading list: cloudy with a chance of meatballs, replace with bergedils if vegetarian. Read Kah Gay's recommendations. 

Olivia Ho

Arts Correspondent at The Straits Times

Olivia’s deeply personal list comes from her rumination of how intimacy features in writing - of the trust the author has in the reader and of the comfort proffered by stories read again.  Read Olivia's recommendations here.

Pooja Nansi

Writer and SWF Festival Director

Pooja's five must-reads from this year's festival explore quiet, powerful and important feelings in women's lives. Read Pooja's recommendations.

William Phuan

Executive Director of the Singapore Book Council

William's recommendations aim to capture the joy of discovery we all experience at the Singapore Writers Festival. Read William's recommendations.