How can your kids use stories to express themselves? With authors Anittha Thanabalan and Yeoh Jo-Ann as their guides, your kids learned fun techniques for generating ideas, experimented with writing in different voices and experienced the editorial process first-hand. Read their stories here! 

Best Friends by Phan Hoang Yen, 11 years old

Iris is my best friend.We’re closer than sisters.They called us the Twins at school because we’re so inseparable. We’ve been friends ever since we started at nursery school together. 

We stayed friends all the way through Primary school and so we both went on to Downfield. Even Iris was a bit quiet on the first day at Year Seven when we didn’t know anyone else. Now that we’re at Year Nine, we know everyone in the class and they’re all desperate to be Iris’s friend. But we mostly stick together, the two of us. And we’re just gonna be best friends forever and ever and ever, through school, through college, through work and it doesn’t matter about falling in love.

 Besides, Iris already had heaps of boyfriends but no-one could mean as much to us as each other. We walk to school together, we sit next to each other all day long and after school I either hang out at Iris’ or she comes with me home. 

It’s time to go home now but we’re checking this new and big notice on the cloakroom door about after-school stay-back clubs. 

“It’s already bad enough to have to go to school already, but why do we need to stay back like, voluntarily?” said Iris.I just nod out of habit. I always agree with Iris. But I’ve just read this piece of news about a new drama club. And I can’t help feeling wistful about it. Ever since I was little, I had always wanted to be an actress like my mother. I know I’m mad, and I’m not anyone special. No one from our estate ever gets to do anything glamorous or famous and anyway even the richest, prettiest, most talented kids can’t even make a living out of acting, but I just want to act so much! I’ve never been in anything except for school stuff. 

When I’m at home, with Iris busy, mom at work and dad asleep, I will parade around and round the living room and I’ll do Claire Danes’ line in Romeo and Juliet. Or sometimes, I’ll act out people I know. I always end up acting out Iris. I close my eyes and think about her voice and then I start saying something, I sound just like her. I stayed Iris even when I opened my eyes. I can feel her long thick and bright hair bouncing about on my shoulders and my green eyes are glittering and there I am smiling Iris’s wicked grin. I would dance up and down in the living room until I caught myself in the big mirror above the fireplace and see my own skinny self. A ghost girl in there. I always feel more alive when I’m Iris. 

“Come on, Jade.You’re not interested in those weirdo clubs are you?” Iris said, tugging at me. “No! No, of course not,” I said although I am extremely interested and Iris knows that I am. 

I’m reading the drama club notice one more time and Iris’s getting very impatient. There’s a little gleam in her eyes like she’s laughing at me. 

“Maybe I’m interested. You will join the club with me, won’t you?” I asked.  

“You’ve got to be joking!” Iris shouted real loud. 

“Come on,Iris. It could be real fun!”

I plead with her. “It’s just like playing a little kids’ game.”

“I wonder why you are always so interested?”


“Well,you know that I’ve always wanted to be an actress,”I said shyly. I could feel my face flooding scarlet. I want it so badly that I always blush when I talk about it. I just look really awful when I go red about it. I’m usually white but now the sudden rush of red is alarming.

“Lighten up, Jade.” 

I just don’t feel light at all, I feel truly dark. Why does it always have to end up like this? Iris always has to have her own way. If we do anything for me then it always gets twisted around so that Iris always wins. 

She is especially annoying now, tickling me here and there, tweaking my hair, poking my mouth trying to make me smile. 

“Don’t go all moody on me” She says as we go out of the school gate. 

“Iris, oh, just give it a rest will you?” I said as she takes her school bag and swings it at me. She’s intending to miss, we both know that, but I deliberately don’t dodge out of the way so it really hits me on the hips which hurts me badly.

“Oh, my. Oh dear, Jade. Why didn’t you get out of the way?” Iris said, rubbing my hips. 

“Get off!” I shouted, slapping her hand away. Iris laughed at me. I can’t laugh at myself though Iris pulling a funny face, crossing her eyes and sticking out her pink and pointy tongue. “Grow up, Iris!”I shouted.

“Who wants to grow up?” She shouted back right at me. Then, she’s on the road, and then, a car, a squeal of brakes, a scream, Iris screaming and silent.

A grump, to a joyous old man by Reyes Teo, 10 years old

There once was an old man named Consta Primus who lived a life for the past million and eighty-nine years. His face looked liked as though someone had crumpled it. He was a grumpy man. 

Every morning after his sleep, he would find it raining. But it was not raining normally, it was raining fish! But he was still Mr. Grump. Instead of catching fish and cooking it, he would take a flaming sword. He hated cooking. Nothing fun made him happy. Not even a single thing could make him happy. 

Everyone knew he liked weird things but still, he never liked a single thing the villagers did. They could never make him happy. 

Once there was a guy who gave him a toad to marry! 

How grumpy he was. No one could make him happy. One day, he met a villager named Jerolous Robbit. He didn’t know that he was his great-grandson several times over. 

 Now, who was this Jerolous Robbit? Well, he was the village’s best comedian, a priest and a smart entrepreneur. Not many people liked him alot. He was sort of a nuisance to most villagers, but not to Consta Primus. 

Now, what happened to Consta Primus? Jerolous was putting on a silly act in front of the village. No one, no one except Consta Primus was watching. He laughed at his act. As soon as the act finished, he took out his iPhone 11 and exchanged phone numbers with Jerolous. He asked for Jerolous’ full name. He said, Jerolous Jangle Primus-Robbit. 

Consta Primus was confused when he noticed the word Primus-Robbit. As soon as heheard it, he told him his surname: Primus was surprised and confused. They went to Jerolous’ house where he saw a book of the Primus family tree. When he saw his name at the top, his jaw dropped. It wrote: Consta Robert Rajoranoko Primus (10000000B.C-) He took a look at his other heirs and he found thousands of names. As soon as he slammed the book shut, he asked if he could live there. What was the answer? Yes, of course! Then, he was not so Mr. Grump, he was a joyous man. He was a doctor. A very weird doctor. He was not Mr. Grump, Mr. Joy nor a Mr. Mega-old-happy-regular-old-man, he was a Dr. Weirdo. He was a joyful old man till his end of his life.

About Henry's Day by Elijah John Margate, 10 years old

One morning, Henry woke up and sat down. Few seconds later, he stood up and went to the shower. After his shower, he wiped himself with a towel and put on his clothes. He went to the dining table and ate his sandwich. 

When Henry walked out of his house, he noticed that all the signs were in a different language. He didn’t care and continued walking to school. When he reached his school, he heard that the people were speaking in a different language. He got confused and headed to class. During the lessons, Henry realised that all his teachers were speaking in a different language too. 

After school, he went back home and told his parents about his day at school. Suddenly, his parents started speaking in another language also. Henry got very confused and went to his bedroom. 

When he went to his bedroom, he was thinking about what had happened to all the people that were speaking in another language like his parents. 

While he was thinking about what had happened, his parents came into his room and started speaking English again. Henry was very happy when his parents spoke English again.

Chub and the Investigators by Chevelle Lim, 10 years old

Chub loves to investigate. People not believing in her made her upset. Chub wants to be rich and she is only eleven! Chub is a girl and has short hair. 

There is a special thing about her, she could tell if people are lying just by their expression. In the morning, Chub would wake up and stare at her ceiling thinking about what she would do for the day. She would usually go to school and around 2 to 3 pm , she would go investigate with the other investigators. 

After school, Chub ate her lunch and suddenly she floated higher and higher. She thought to herself, “That was cool! I am going to do this everyday!”

From then on, as soon as she was back from school she would rush to the kitchen and find something to eat. 

Why would she do that you ask? 

She wanted to fly around the city and see if she could spot any evidence for new investigative cases.

Friends, Dreams and Flight by Akshaya Saravanan

June awoke with a jump when her alarm clock rang. She stretched and rubbed her eyes, trying to recall every detail of her dream. She had won the Nobel Prize for inventing…something. She couldn’t remember what. Closing her eyes, June thought as hard as she could, but it was no use. She gave up with a sigh, and began her daily routine.  

However, much as June tried to put the dream out of her mind, she found that she couldn’t! Whether she was having breakfast, combing her hair or tying her shoelaces, her thoughts wandered back to the image of her receiving the Nobel Prize to loud applause.  

As June stepped out of the door, a strange feeling came over her, a sort of floating sensation. It came about so gradually that at first, she did not notice it. Soon however, June realized that with each step she took, she seemed to become lighter and lighter.  

Puzzled, she stopped and looked around, trying to figure out what was going on. To her intense amazement, she found herself among the clouds. June had somehow been carried into the sky! She drifted along dreamily. A car honking far away made her jump. With a start, she felt herself floating down like a leaf and landed gently, facing the entrance of her school.  

So dazed was she from the curious way she had travelled to school, that June paid little attention in her lessons. Her best friend, Beatrice, who loved Science just like June, was surprised to see her doodling clouds in her Science workbook. Beatrice nudged June and raised her eyebrows, asking what was going on. Mysteriously June mouthed, “At recess.”

Beatrice and two other friends, Nancy and Sandra, demanded to know what was going on between mouthfuls of pasta and rice. By the time June had finished her extraordinary tale, they were staring at her, mouths agape, eyes wide. June was enjoying the effect she was having on the girls. She leaned forward and whispered, “Shall we all try, after school?” Nancy gasped, Beatrice’s face broke into a wide grin, and Sandra nodded vigorously, eyes shining.  

Lessons went by in a blur for the girls. They fidgeted so much in Maths that Ms Brown glared at them fiercely. However, they were too excited to care too much. As soon as the bell rang to signal the end of school, four girls rushed to June’s front door.  

There, each girl thought as hard as she could about winning the Nobel Prize, then tried to forget it and began walking towards school. To June’s delight, she and Beatrice were drifting side by side in the clouds. When they jumped down, they saw that the other two had just walked on, without rising. They tried again, but the same thing happened. After repeating the process five times, June had to admit defeat. No matter what they did, only June and Beatrice were able to fly. Nevertheless, June refused to give up hope, and assured the crestfallen Nancy and Sandra that she would find a way to make them fly as well.  

June headed straight to her study and began to think of what she now had to do to win the Noble Prize. Firstly, she had to figure out why Nancy and Sandra couldn’t fly and secondly, why she and Beatrice could. Well they were practically the same thing so she actually had only one thing to do. One very major thing, though. 

Then it hit her. Both she and Beatrice loved Science! The others… well they zoned out as soon as any Science lesson began, even if they were working in the lab. So maybe you had to like science to be able to fly? June tried to work out various ways of getting her friends to like Science, but she was too drained to think clearly. 

The next day at school, Beatrice passed June in the corridor and exclaimed excitedly that she had actually flown to school! June nodded vaguely and hurried behind Nancy and Sandra. Hurt, Beatrice followed her and caught up just in time to hear June say, “Nancy! You have to like Science! Sanda! Science is great! Science is the key to magic!” Nancy and Sandra looked at each other wearily. “Believe me, it’s the only thing you can do!” June continued relentlessly. Nancy and Sandra listened to June in growing alarm, and so did Beatrice. By the time June had paused for breath, they had begun to edge away from her slowly and when she began again, they fled, terrified. Beatrice followed to comfort them. From that day on, Nancy and Sandra began avoiding June everywhere. Over the next few days, an exasperated Beatrice, who had tried many times, in vain, to get June’s attention, started to ignore her as well. 

After a month, this grew too much for June to bear and she approached Beatrice and asked what had happened. 

“Well, aren’t we beneath your notice, ‘Great Scientist’? Telling us what we should do, and ignoring us. Now you want our company? Well, good luck with that!” sneered Beatrice before turning on her heel and stalking away. 

Her words struck June like a thunderbolt. She stumbled to the washroom in a daze. She locked herself in a stall to think things out quietly. She realised that for the past two to three weeks, she had indeed been pestering her friends for her own interests, neglecting their concerns. She also realised that since she had been trying to figure out how she had been able to fly, i.e., the scientific concept behind her ability to fly, she had lost her love for the subject. Instead she had been working just for the sake of working. She vowed not to let that happen again. She also swore to never neglect her friends in this fashion ever again.  

At the moment, it appeared that she and Beatrice could fly. Perhaps one day they would know why. It didn’t matter about the Nobel Prize. She could not stop living, just to pursue that dream. With everything finally clear in her head, June strode purposefully out of the bathroom to set things right. 

Hiking Probs by Murari Sai Sudeep, 10 years old

Meera lives in the normal world of every breath. She really likes to Study and wants to become an author. Her problem is that she is strange. White-skinned and fire resistant. She wants to travel but she is lonely. Her weakness is strange things. She really wishes to have a family and friends. She talks to her diary as she is the only person in the house. She was going to hike the next day. Her lonely journey is going to start soon. 

The next morning started with an unusual day. Nobody on the streets, no buses and no shops open. She doubted if she really needed to hike that day. But she really didn’t pay much attention to the street and thought to herself, “Why should I strangle my dreams because of this plain street?” She started her day soon. She did her daily duties such as watering the plants and washing the dishes. After she packed her big and enormous adventure pack, she admired it. It looked like she was going to stay outside forever. She decided this would be her daily time table. She snapped her fingers and did the moonwalk to get outside. 

She was good looking and pretty. She applied some dark cream so that nobody will think that she was a monster or a girl from the parallel universe. She started hopping on the plain road and at the same time looking here and there to look out for anyone and ask them for nice places to hike. Nobody was in sight. Everybody was sleeping soundly in their homes. 

Soon, Meera was reaching her dreams. There was a large mountain that many people did not manage to climb to the top of. But she knew it was fun climbing onto the mountains. She went past some huts and houses that were empty but highly decorated. Meera was getting confused. She was starting to get dizzy but was determined to finish the hike. She soon went to the large mountain and got her rope ready. She checked that it was tight enough and started climbing up the trail. She was getting more and more dizzy as the altitude was getting higher and higher. She knew that soon she was going to fall. She stopped climbing and rested on a chair like a rock. It was a massive carved structure. She knew immediately that somebody with talent and wild imagination had done this. She was dangling her feet in the air and admiring the view. She was feeling okay when she started climbing again. Soon her feet touched the ground of the chilly mountain. But little did she know that something was waiting for her. 

When she reached the top, she started hearing stomping feet. She was so scared. When she moved forward, she found many skeletons there. She soon saw a giant stomping right towards her. It had green warts, hairy ears and knobbly knees. It growled loudly, “ fat gurl! Me want ta eat ya!” Meera answered, “So you were the one who was the reason for such strange things.” She soon felt more and more dizzy. Confused, she fainted. 

Rays of sunlight shot out above her when she opened her eyes. Her sight was all glary. She knew that she was in the hospital. She asked one of the doctors about what had happened to her. The doctor said, “The day you went hiking was the giant’s day. That is why everybody was hiding. Somebody saw you hike and faint. The giant ran away as you were fire resistant. They risked their lives and saved you.” Meera was relieved. From that day, everybody knew that her journey was not over. 


I Can Fly!!! by Yong Kai Jing, 10 years old

Jack lived in a small house. His favourite food was hamburgers. He was 19 years old and his family were all dead. At home, Jack always ate his favourite food so he was too fat. Other people didn't like to talk to him because he became infuriated when they talked about his family. Jack became lonely. 

At night, Jack continued eating and he fell asleep. He never brushed his teeth before sleeping. He was dreaming he could fly.The dream was so real and he didn’t want to wake up. In the dream... 

Jack was walking on the street and he saw an old man selling his favourite hamburgers so he wanted to buy one. The old man said, “My burger is not a normal burger, it is special.The black coloured burger turns you into a cockroach and the white coloured burger makes you fly.” Jack was very shocked to hear that and he decided to buy a white coloured burger. When Jack continued walking, he saw a few people shout at him and say, “give me your money or you will die.” Jack was very scared and he remembered he had a white coloured burger so he quickly ate it. Suddenly, a pair of wings grew behind him and he started to fly. 

Jack, and the people were shocked to see that. Jack quickly flew away. While in the sky, he saw a beautiful city. This was his first time seeing it, he had never realised his city was so nice. After twenty minutes, Jack’s wings became transparent and he fell down. Jack was very disappointed, he wished he could fly forever so he went back to the store again.When Jack reached there, everything, including the old man, had disappeared. Suddenly, Jack woke up and he realised it was just a dream.

The Story of a Vampire by Le Hong Thien Kim, 10 years old

Ivy. Ivy Umbridge Merriweather is a vampire. She was only at the age of 16 when she found out. 

When Ivy woke up on that very normal day, she went to her vanity and applied some face cream as part of her daily routine. She tied her hair in a low ponytail with a blue ribbon and headed down for breakfast. 

Ivy doesn’t need to brush her teeth. All she needs is just a simple spell performed and they’re all squeaky clean. This is what prevents her from noticing how long her canine teeth are getting. It was as usual, breakfast with pomegranate juice, something she has started to crave for. It is actually because of that natural bright red colour that allows her to sip some every day. 

After breakfast, it was time for Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson. She loved her boarding school. It was the reason why she worked hard during the lessons, to impress her teachers. She was casually taking notes about vampires when her ears pricked up. “These unusual beings usually have pale skin and dark hair. This genetic appearance is passed down from their ancestors.” 

These words were just the ones to describe her. She started to mull over this sentence her professor had just said. Her professor continued, “They usually have a sip of a bright red drink every day. You guessed it, blood!” Ivy at once thought about her pomegranate juice. Was her brain thinking that what it was actually taking in was…blood? 

After the lesson, there was a break. She dashed into her dormitory and stood in front of the mirror, getting a good look of herself. “Hmmm,” she mumbled as she looked at the girl in the mirror. It took a while before comprehension dawned on her face. Could it be? Ivy made her final decision. She was a vampire. Having her parents gone since she was too young to remember, she never did know if they were vampires, but she never took this too seriously. 

But she was different. She didn’t like the thought of taking in other being’s blood. Ivy continued with her pomegranate juice. She thought it was much better. Living with this knowledge was…well, quite different. Now she knew she wasn’t a normal girl like her friends, but then she never liked the taste of garlic or being under the sun anyways. She continued her studies until she graduated, not telling a soul about her deep, dark, secret. 

Ivy became a professional of Defence Against the Dark Arts and worked at the Ministry of Magic. She decided it would be the best career for her, and after learning that her dad used to work there too, she set her life on that trail.

The Last Man on Earth by Anastasia, 10 years old

Steve was himself again and found himself in the lab he once worked in. He saw that one woman he wanted to kill so badly. 

She was smiling, gun in hand. She whispered loudly,”Rot in Hell.” She fired. 

Steve screamed and realized it was a dream. The same old dream he had for 984 years ever since he reached Uranus. He looked at his black hands. He was safe. 

22 June 3005 

He was woken up by a crash. The unmistakable crash of a rocket. Steve was confused. It had been 985 years since a rocket was fired on this deserted planet. He got out of his bed to search for the rocket. 

“Bingo.” Steve grumbled, unencouraged. 

 The same rocket he once sat in. He opened the compartment in search of survivors. He heard a bark and saw a puppy retreating. He must have frightened it with his appearance. The puppy started to change shape. A little boy started to form. 

The little boy had blue eyes with black skin and red fiery hair. Just like Steve. The little boy said in a low voice,”You are one of us.”

Steve growled and said,”No. I am half possessed by a demon.” 

 The little boy laughed.” By the way, I'm Ronald and I also want revenge on humanity. We are given powers to do it. You can shape-shift and go through walls.” 


“You will learn.” 

 Steve grew excited as he learnt his new ability given by the demon. 

 Many years later, Steve and Ronald found a way to Earth. They created a portal. Steve turned into an old man and Ronald into a cat. Steve’s plan was going great. 

Earth had changed a lot. It smelled of smoke and everyone had to wear an oxygen mask in order to breathe. All the animals had gone extinct. The arctic ice had melted which caused lots of floods and the

temperature was hotter than 50 degrees.The earth was no longer green. 

Steve went through house by house and killed all that lived inside. Ronald became different animals and trashed the towns, cities and then the whole country. 

Humanity was ending. They could no longer destroy the earth. Steve built a new nation of his kind who were half possessed and had powers. He restored the earth and no one was allowed to harm it. Steve and Ronald ruled their new nation side-by-side for eternity. They were soon free from the possession by the happiness in their souls. 

22 June 5005 

Steve stared over his palace walls at the sky. He recalled the days he were on that deserted planet and how he met Ronald. 

Louie the War Hero by Danish bin Mohammad Fahmy, 10 years old

Louie was a brave soldier. He was a war veteran that saved many lives and won the best soldier award. He was a pilot of a fighter plane during WW2 until his plane was shot down by the enemies and he got captured. He was released after the war and died of old age in 2016. 

Louie, we salute you for putting your life on the line of duty to sacrifice your life for your country. 

Every morning, Louie would wake up and eat his breakfast with his friends. When the lieutenant told them to get ready, Louie and his friend would grab their M1 Garand rifles and get suited up. They got on the boats. They were panicking as they were going to invade Omaha beach, also known as Normandy, which was a deadly WW2 mission. Both of them felt scared as they might not survive. 

After the mission, things changed. The lieutenant realised how good Louie was in his marksmanship. So, Louie was promoted to be a sniper. To be a sniper, Louie had to paint himself green to camouflage with his surroundings. He picked up his Kar98K sniper rifle and hid on top of a mountain. He managed to execute 150 enemies that day.

He was so deadly that he was nicknamed the Green Death.

Bob the Cat Catnip Popcorn by Reina Alexis Lim, 10 years old

Interview: “Why do you hate the street dogs so much?” 

BOB THE CAT: “Simple. In a well-known alleyway. I was an orphan from a young age when my parents were killed by a pirate. Scruff, the eldest street dog, knew my parents well and adopted me as one of the dogs, but he sent me to the best schools around the world using my parents’ leftover money. I was mistreated as a child in the alleyways and at school. The other street dogs called me ”Fancypants” and the children at school bullied me, calling me ”beggar” as my uniform was a second-hand one, as we did not have enough money. 

During one of the summer vacations, I reluctantly visited the alleyway for a movie night. Then I had been aspiring to become a doctor and had set off to learn economics and biology. I chose some catnip popcorn, and ate it while watching the old movie, the same one I’d been watching since I was born. I went to a bed made of twigs and twine, uneasily and weary. I dreamt of mosquitoes. 

I woke up the next day and got dressed for a goodbye lunch later. I looked into the makeshift pantry to find nothing. I thought, You scumbags! No food for your guest! Snatching my wallet, I went out to buy food. Heading back with a tuna sandwich, I ate it up and in a flash, the city noises were sounding unfamiliar.

”fjkall;jhaskfiiqjfenjvhuhiejdkfjdnhudfifklmfjhsduvfugh854903r3hfihe” the noises went, ringing in my ears. 

“I’m back!” I called.


I blacked out. 

In an alien spaceship, I clearly 

remember, all alone in the the middle of a white room, no one to save me. All in a world of my one. 

I woke up to a smell of a sewer, stinkier than any other sewer. Fluttering my eyelids open, I see street dogs all around and Scruff chanting,``Rwandan, rwandan!” All the street dogs held up a herb in one hand, and a stink was emitting from them.

“Be careful, sayang. Never eat expired catnip popcorn again,” said Scruff. ”I don’t know what they teach you in medical school.” 

The last remark hit me hard. I left in a hurry. AGRRRRRRR! Thinking ‘bout this makes my head hURTTTTTT! STU....” 

(static buzzing) 

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are having trouble here. Thank you for your kind cooperation. (a faint noise of shouting and bad words)

Scruff: That's why the radio is so bad. They leave us hanging at the best  parts. 

Street dogs: YEAH!!!!! THAT BOB!

Stickman by Yu Ya Khin, 10 years old

There is a stickman on a sheet of paper. He is alive. He can step out of the sheet (although he prefers to stay on his paper). Sometimes, he grabs a nearby pencil and draws things. The stickman has a friend who was also drawn. He wishes he could see the whole world.

All night, the stickman tries to explore the outside world. He always feels small outside of his paper - literally! When morning comes,he runs back to his paper. He doesn’t want people to know he was alive. He then fantasises about what the world looks like. He wonders what life is like outside of his paper. 

It’s another normal day. The stickman is drawing something. He is thinking of what to add onto his drawing when suddenly… He finds himself dancing! No matter what he does, he is still dancing. 

“Buddy, you there…?” His friend asks. At first, his friend just watches. Soon, he gets distracted and starts dancing too! 

“What are you doing?!” The stickman says. 

His friend replies,”I don’t know!” 

After fifteen whole minutes of dancing, they grow tired. But then they stop dancing, as suddenly as they started. At last, it is finally over. What a strange event!

They decide to call the dance “Distraction dance”.

The Day Albert Alienstein Had Enough by Nehan Haaziq bin Nazren, 10 years old

Albert woke up and got out of his bed. He snapped his fingers and his robots helped him to carry him to his bathroom. Then he clapped his hands two times and robot hands came out from his wall and helped him to brush his teeth. Then he showered. And while he was bathing, his robots helped him get a towel and his clothes. They then brought Albert a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Once he was done he got ready to leave for the lab. 

He sat down to put his socks and shoes on. He put on the socks, then continued with the shoes. But then he heard a voice coming from his shoes. 

”No, please don’t wear us. Your feet smell!’ said Albert’s shoes. 

Albert thought he was just hallucinating, so he continued.

”Ugh this guy never listens unless it’s an actual person. I wish I was back at the shoe store,” said the right shoe.

”Me too!’ said the left shoe.

Albert did not hear the rest of the conversation. He met up with his partner Frank to go to the lab to complete their life's work. Well, mostly Albert’s. They went into the lab and started. Albert was doing his work, but his partner didn’t. Frank isn’t really a hardworking type of person. I mean, he does help, but not that much compared to Albert. He would usually go to the back and watch the TV Albert built just for him. Did I forget to tell you Albert hates being disturbed with loud noises while doing his work? Well, you know now. Frank decided to turn the volume higher than he normally does. So when Albert heard that, he asked him whether Frank could turn it down a little bit, but Frank wouldn't listen due to his loud TV. So without a word Albert started to smash everything. All his work gone to waste. Then he quit. He said goodbye to Frank but didn’t respond. That made Albert even angrier. So then he continued his life normally like any other person would. This might sound weird but Frank is still watching that old TV back at the lab to this day. 

The New Day at Hogwarts by Emerald Win, 10 years old

“Good morning!” Mrs Weasley shouted. This happened all the time. George woke up and looked at the sky, thinking about his first day in Hogwarts for Year 9. He talks to himself while going down the spiral staircase. Usually he would be talking to his twin brother, Fred, but if you do not know, an evil man referred to as ‘he who must not be named’ killed Fred. His depression then started. 

“Diagon Alley!” shouted Percy. Percy was a brother of George. He was strict, and a prefect at Hogwarts. Nobody liked him. It was George’s turn. “Diagon Alley! He shouted. All of a sudden, everything turned black. George always used this fireplace but somehow it had now turned black. Usually it would turn white. George was confused. 

When he reached Diagon Alley, he found himself in a wand shop. Now, if you don’t know what Diagon Alley is, it is a place for wizards and witches to buy supplies for Hogwarts. George did not find anything interesting because he was not in Diagon Alley. He was in Knockturn Alley, it was a place for bad people. George then went to a shop. He found himself with his family. So, he went to go buy books, brooms and maybe, even a new wand for the new year. 

It was the day to go to Hogwarts, his family went to Platform 9 and ¾ for the Hogwarts Express. He met Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger in the express. At feast time, he went to see the newcomers and had a good time. He made lots of new friends.

The Witch Hitch by Loh Xin Yu Jovia, 10 years old

Jolly was a witch and lived in a big castle on a weird planet and did spells everyday trying to get her pet toad to grow enormous. Though 299 years old, she looked like a young girl. Her skin colour is green as she is too old. She drinks coke everyday to keep herself alive. Jolly’s ability is to be invisible to humans so that she could steal plenty of coke from earth.

Jolly awakes at night. She doesn’t brush teeth as she is invisible to humans on earth and nobody can see her appearance and her disgusting teeth. Perhaps, she did not even have a bathroom. When Jolly wakes up she goes straight to earth to get some cans of coke to bring to her planet. After the long trip, she went back to her castle and tried spells on her toad. 

Each day is boring for Jolly until she gets under a spell. While at her castle with her toad playing around, she felt her stomach lurching and turning. It was uncomfortable. 

Within seconds, she was shrinking smaller and smaller and she started growing more fur. It was unbelievable. Her toad was staring at her in confusion. Suddenly the shrinking and growing stopped. Jolly looked in the mirror to see what she had become.

She saw a tiny thing reflected in the mirror. Jolly was speechless as she was the same size and colour as her toad “AHHH A TAIL!” she yelled loudly when she saw a long line wagging furiously behind her. Jolly had turned into a green mouse. 

Jolly flipped through her spellbook and remembered that her grandfather was coming to visit her that night. She had to find a way to hide herself from her grandfather. She thought and thought and formed an idea. Jolly took out her wand and did the (Walk-In-My-Shoes) spell on her toad. Her toad grew and grew into Jolly, while Jolly stayed a mouse.She told her toad to act like her normal self when her grandfather came.


After just a few minutes of waiting, her grandfather finally arrived at her castle. Jolly’s toad was trying its best to act like Jolly. Her grandfather had no idea that Jolly had spelled the toad. After Jolly’s grandfather went back to his planet, the (Walk-In-My-Shoes) spell wore off from the toad and Jolly went back to normal. She was overjoyed. It was such a terrible experience, she surely never wanted to become a green, tiny mouse again.

Zoey's Unmemorable Lesson by Jade Chow Mei Shan, 10 years old

Being a smart girl who likes to play mobile games yet smart, Zoey was a moody eleven-year-old. She had always wanted a sibling. Every day when her mother was in the shower, Zoey’s scheming quickly figured out where her mother hid her phone. Knowing that Zoey was a game-addict, her mother did not let her use her phone often. 

“Mum, I wanna take ballet classes!” cried Zoey. Her mother found it strange but agreed. Zoey knew that one of her friends attended a ballet class near her home so she asked permission if she could attend there as well. 

The day of the class arrived. Zoey was so excited and in such a state of euphoria that she couldn’t stop fooling about and dancing. Not even when her teacher, Ms Ng, was teaching. This made Ms Ng furious. Her nostrils flared and she gave Zoey a dressing-down for her intolerable behaviour. 

Zoey disliked Ms Ng ever since then. Ms Ng decided to give Zoey an important lesson. 

The next day when Zoey was on her way to school, her hands and legs suddenly jolted and started to dance crazily. Even in the toilet, school, bus stops and doing her work she could never stop dancing. Zoey found it difficult to concentrate on what she was doing. 

In class, all her friends started mocking her and one by one, all the teachers scolded her. Zoey tried to explain but her reasons only angered the teacher more and more. 

Zoey was tired out by all the scolding. Her Mathematics teacher, Ms Chen observed her behaviour and spoke to her personally after school. On top of not scolding Zoey, she asked if she was okay and if she wanted to speak to a psychologist. Zoey agreed as she did not really know what was causing this. 

At the back of Ms Chen’s mind, she found Zoey’s situation quite funny.

The psychologist, Mdm Chan had no cure for Zoey but she had some tips for her which were ultimately rather useless. 

The day of Zoey’s second ballet class arrived. Zoey still could not stop dancing but she somehow paid attention to Ms Ng. At the end of the ballet class, Ms Ng told her that if Zoey ever fooled around in her class again, she would make it so Zoey could not stop dancing.

Zoey was so stunned that her jaw dropped open, too shocked to even question her teacher or demand an explanation. 

The next day, Zoey returned to normal again. She learnt an important lesson from her strict ballet teacher. 

A few years later, after completing her ballet lessons and grades, Zoey is a well-known ballet teacher and joins competitions. She has also won plenty of gold medals.



Anittha’s debut novel, The Lights That Find Us, was shortlisted for the 2018 Epigram Books Fiction Prize. Efforts to keep herself and her dog alive include writing copy and tutoring English Literature. Some of her favourite things to do are walking her poodle and attempting to rap Twista in the privacy of her room. Anittha is currently working on her second novel.

Yeoh Jo-Ann grew up in Malaysia and lives in Singapore. As a teenager, she dreamt of being a cat or a rock star, but instead spent most of her adult life working in publishing, somehow ending up features editor of a women's magazine before giving it up for a career in digital marketing. Her short stories have been included in anthologies such as Best Singaporean Short Stories: Volume Three. Her first novel, Impractical Uses of Cake, won the Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2018. She is currently working on her second novel.