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Red Earth is an ecofeminist poetry collection offering meditations on place and the making of home amid the ever-increasing racket of society. It embodies a new planetary politics of making kin with plants, animals, the elements, and landscapes to find hope and healing in a time of state-sanctioned violence against the land and by proxy, its peoples. It is an ecofeminist act of solidarity with marginalized others and an artifact of social and environmental activism.

Red Earth, as the title as vividly suggests, is rooted in the body of the world we inhabit, and is underpinned by an ecopoetics that grounds the human in the earthy. It is beautifully attentive to the breath and movement of the human body across different landscapes, alive to the intimations of each special place, and alert to the promptings of experience and memory. It is an assured, mature debut, real poems that renew your faith in the lyric, in the embrace of the human and the natural.”
— Boey Kim Cheng, author of Somewhere-bound, Another Place and Days of No Name