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The first of the Das Sisters Mystery Series finds Inspector Dolly Das of the Singapore CID and her sister, Lily, on the trail of a cold-blooded murderer in the Singapore heartland.

It is 2009.

On a dark, hazy December night, Mary Jacob’s dead body is found at Silver Springs Condominium in the Singapore heartland. Is it a suicide, or did someone push Mary out of her kitchen window? Forensics investigation points to murder.

Inspector Dolly Das of the Singapore CID is assigned to the case. Multiple suspects have means and motives for murdering Mary, ranging from her estranged husband to her neighbours. When two more murders occur, pressure mounts on Dolly putting her job at risk. Desperately, she turns to her sister, Lily, for help in solving the murders. Lily runs a café and minimart at Silver Springs Condominium, placing her in a good position to gain information that the police cannot access. Supported by Uma, their sharp-tongued 78-year-old mother, Lily’s assistant, Vernon, his girlfriend, Angie, and Lily’s domestic helper, Girlie, the Das Sisters team up to solve the murders.

But can Dolly concentrate on the case when her marriage is breaking up? What will Lily do when she finds herself drawn to one of the chief suspects? And which of the Das sisters uncovers the crucial clue that unmasks a cool and calculating murderer?