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“If fear and hatred made beasts of us, then it was our stories that made us human.”

18-year-old Skye doesn’t believe in coincidences. The last time she broke a mirror, her father died of a heart attack. Now, she’s not taking any chances… That is, until she meets Drew. As Skye comes to learn about Drew’s recent stint at Hopewood sanatorium and history of assault, she inches closer to danger. Enter Pool, Drew’s roommate at Hopewood, who is obsessed with the Steppenwolf theory – one that supports the idea of man and beast coexisting in opposition within a person – and his belief that Drew and him are more wolf than man. Pool would do anything to eliminate anybody in Drew’s life who threatens to take the wolf out of him… including Skye…

Inspired by Herman Hesse’s Steppenwolf, Lambs for Dinner is a story of two damaged people mired in their past finding the future in each other.