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Devendra started writing poetry in his mid-teens without any formal guidance or instruction. The style and content is testimony to the encounters with eclectic cultures and traditions, assimilated during his extensive global travels.

The poems in this collection, written over a period of almost three decades, showcase the diversity of Devendra’s poetic styles, at times traditional, at times surrealist. The content is equally wide-ranging, from romantic prose to stark word imagery. The use of language is free and without constraint. Throughout, the reader will find the deep insights Devendra has gained from a lifelong study of the human condition, its limitations and ambitions as well as its possibilities. The motifs of dreams, moon, night, colours and elements of nature running through his poems, provide the constant connection to the underlying humanity and its values.

Devendra is a purist and remains faithful to the truth and spontaneity of his emotions and evocations, presenting the moment to the reader pure and unchanged, raw as he experienced it. His instincts and disregard for rules of form, design and school drive him to seek new freedoms of perception and expression.